Software Emulators (aka Simulators)
There are a number of PIC emulator programs available on the web:

    Although I will admit to some bias :) I think my own PICEMU is one of the best.
    A DOS/Windows based set of emulators, currently in BETA test.
miSim DE
    A Java based emulator that you can use online.
    Includes hardware simulation by Java applets.
    Verion 1.7.9 is open source, and available for download.
    The home of GNUPIC (an open-source C++ PIC emulator)
    and NITPIC (a 16C84 emulator for X-windows).
Pavel Baranov
    has the PicAntIDE debugger and simulator as a companion to
    his C2C C, C++, and Pascal compilers available for download.
    When registered, additional features are availble.
Oshon Software
    has a PIC simulator IDE with built-in BASIC compiler, assembler,
    disassembler, and debugger that supports many 16Fxxx chips.
    16F84A emulator software for Linux. Includes peripherial simulation.
    is a partially completed 16F84A in Visual C++ for the Win32 platform.
    is an open-source simulator by Eric Smith.
    makes a "virtual breadboard" (what else?) based around PIC processors.
    Click on the "downloads" link to find them.
Ingenieurburo Lehmann
    has a commercial PIC-BASIC compiler and simulator, with a demo version that supports the 16C83.
    is part of the XCSB Structured PIC BASIC compiler package.

Hardware Emulators
Although I haven't used them, I can give you some pointers to start your search

J&M Microtek
HVW Technologies
SMART Communications
Testech Electronics
OKW Electronics

General PIC Hardware

    is the source of all our fun little toys.
    And, for a nice introduction to PICs, check out PICKIT 1.
Myke Predko
    has some good books and projects for beginners.
    has a lot of PIC related hardware, like programmers, and a good
    "Newbies" page.
No Parts PIC Programmer (well, actually, it does have some parts. Just not very many.)
    is a good source for the "do-it-yourself"ers.
    has a number of inexpensive PIC programmers, prototype boards, and projects.

C Compilers

Hi Tech
    makes a top-notch ANSI-C compiler,
    and they even have a free version called PICC LITE for the 16C84/16F84/16F84A, the 16F627,
   the 12F675, the 12F629, and the 16F877(A).
IAR systems
    makes another professional-quality ANSI-C compiler.
    A demo version is available.
    makes the MPC Compiler, and has a Demo version
    makes another other well-known PIC C compiler.
The Byte Factory
    makes the PCM, PCW, and PCWH compilers.
    produces a PIC C compiler.
FED PIC development tools
    also has a PIC C compiler.
Pavel Baranov
    has the C2C C compiler available for download.
    When registered, additional features are availble.
Grich RC
    has a PIC C compiler for 14-bit core devices.

There are some FREE, "small" C compilers, too.

    is a PIC Compiler by Ian Stedman.
    is an updated, expaned compiler based on John Favata's port of SmallC.
    was found on a Spanish "smartcard hack" site
       WARNING: I have NOT tested this program! Use at your own risk!

Pascal Compilers

Pascalite II
Pavel Baranov
    has the P2P Pascal compiler available for download.
    When registered, additional features are availble.
Zoran Ristic
    Has PicPas, which is supposed to be compatible with Borland Turbo Pascal 7
    and Borland Delphi.
E-LAB computers
    Has the PICco Pascal development system, and a Demo version

BASIC Compilers

    has two free demo versions which support the 12C508, 16F84, and 16F877,
       PICBASIC PLUS lite
       PICBASIC PRO lite
    The difference between them seems to be price and integrated utilities.
Celestial Horizons
    has their Bronze Edition, and their advanced Flash edition, with
    demo versions available.
    is a structured PIC BASIC, with a Demo version available.
Micro Engineering Labs, Inc.
    has the BASIC Stamp I compatible Picbasic Compiler
    and the BASIC Stamp II compatible Picbasic Pro Compiler.
    is available for PIC-powered "Basic Atom" integrated "systems on a chip".
    is a BASIC compiler for the 18Fxxx family of chips.
FED (Forest Electronics Developments)
    has free BASIC development packages (PICmicro MCU BASIC).
    was found on a Spanish "smartcard hack" site
       WARNING: I have NOT tested this program! Use at your own risk!

BASIC Interpreters

Myke Predko
    has BASIC87x for 16F876/16F877.
    is a nifty project which turns a 16F87x PIC into
    "stand-alone" computer running interpreted BASIC.

JAL compiler

    is a free, open-source high-level language for PIC chips.
    It is becomming increasing popular.

Java bytecode compiler

    Is a Java compiler, bytecode interpreter, and bootloader for
    16F87x and 18Fxxx PIC's. It has some nifty features.
    A Linux-based Java bytecode compiler from Finland.

Forth compiler

    is a free, open-source Forth compiler for the P16F87x.

PIC disassemblers

    is a companion I've written to my PIC emulator software
    is a Freeware disassembler for 12-bit and 14-bit opcodes by Norbert Hagemann.
    has a disassembler in their PICabc visual assembler for the 16F84A.

PIC projects

Video Stuff
    can be played on your TV using a 16F84.
    Rickard Gunée does this and more on his webpage.
video overlay
    is available from David B. Thomas.
VGA video
    can be generated with a 16F84!
A different PONG
    by Eric Smith is available.
    is a video clock using a 16C61.
A Video Cross Hatch Generator
    has been created by Dave Woodhouse, using a 16F84.
    has a bootloader for 16F87x and 18Fxxx chips,
    and is a good general PIC reference.
    (Note: This used to be
Microchip   (not to be confused with MicrochipC above)
    has AN732 describing a bootloader for the PIC16F87x family
    and AN851 describing a bootloader for the PIC16F87xA and PIC18F families.
A neat hack is a PIC as a webserver!
    (from Russia) seems to be the "original", and is based on a 16C84
    is based on WWWPIC, but done in English and with some updates.
    may be the best-known PIC webserver, but the source code
    was never released and the server itself is not online,
    so take it with a grain of salt.

General stuff

Adam Davis' PIC Links
    has pointers to just about anything you would ever need.
The PIClist
    contains pointers to all things PIC, including webrings.
Fast Forward Engineering
    has "the answers" to many PIC questions.
    is another source of PIC links.
PIC/Ubicom Dev'rs
    has a wonderful link page to assemblers, compilers, disassemblers,
    libraries, simulator, VHDL PIC cores, and more!

There is lots of stuff I can't fit on this page, check out the links sections of the websites above for even more stuff.

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